Left to right top row: Black Sheep, Top Deck, Short Black, pencil drawings and letraset, Commisioned work for Griffith Review (Edition 13), 2006.
Left to right, middle row: Training video, Soba Noodles, Telemarketing,
Left to right, bottom row: Long Face, Christmas Crackers, Husky Throat.

Selection from: Pardon the Pun, self published book, 40 copies, 2007.

Images: Illustrations commissioned by Vanessa Berry for her novel, "Strawberry Hills Forever", Local Consumption Press, 2007

Images: Illustrations for Lucas Abela's Mix Tape exhibition roomsheet

Images: Selection of Pages: Illustrations for MCA Education "Kid's Adventure Trail" for 17th Biennale of Sydney

Images: Illustrations for Zine Fair Flier, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Images: Illustration for Justice Yeldham Birthdays LP

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