Living Under The Stars

Living Under The Stars (LUTS) is a lightweight inflatable planetarium. Living in the city we often can’t see the stars. LUTS provides an urban solution, by allowing visitors to star gaze- even in the middle of the day. Visitors are able to lie inside the inflatable dome and gaze upwards into the delicately crafted night sky, an intricate web of over 300 twinkling stars that light up individually corresponding to the constellations as seen from the Southern Hemisphere.
LUTS’ stars are programmed by 3 Arduino computers using LOL shields.


Images: Left: Living Under The Stars interior; Right: LED schematic sketch for placement of stars corresponding to the night sky (taken from Sydney Observatory starguide)

Images: Left: Close up of 1 of 3 of the LOL shields wired to LEDs with corresponding numbers to program the twinkling of the constellations. Middle: Soldering LEDs Right: Ordering wires
Living Under The Stars was commissioned by Urban Art Projects for the Art With Altitude Festival (Curated by Megan Cope and UAP's Natasha Smith).

Artist assistant Danae Natsis. Programming by intern Rory Mckay.