Keg de Souza is an Australian artist working with mediums such as inflatable architecture, mapping and dialogical projects to explore the politics of space.  This investigation of social and spatial environments is influenced by her formal training in architecture and experiences of radical spaces through squatting and organising. She creates pedagogical projects to foster new relationships and create site and situation specific projects with communities, emphasising participation and reciprocity. Keg is a member of various collaborative groups, such as SquatSpace Artist Collective, NUCA: The Network of Un-Collectable Artists, and The Rizzeria printmaking collective. Some of the things she creates are; tiny handmade glow-in-the-dark zines to giant inflatables, in between videos, talking books, discussion projects, picnics, walking tours, building boats and brewing beer.Recent exhibitions include; the 5th Auckland Triennial, 15th Jakarta Biennale and Vertical Villages at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney (all 2013). She is currently an Australia Council for the Arts Creative Australia Fellow.


Keg de Souza CV
& Training
2006                  Certificate in Bookbinding and Restoration; TAFE, Sydney
2004                  BFA in Time-Based Art (Distinction); COFA, UNSW
2001                  B. Architecture; (exchange) University of Arizona, USA
2000                  B. Environmental Design (Architecture); UWA    

Selected Exhibitions and Projects
Temporality in Architecture, Food and Communities, Delfina Foundation, London
Temporary Spaces, Edible Places: Isle of Skye, Scotland
Mud Maps, Penrith Regional Gallery, Sydney
Vertical Villages (collaboration with ruangrupa Artlab), 4A Centre for Contemporary Art, Sydney
15th Jakarta Biennale, Indonesia
5th Auckland Triennial: If you were to live here… Auckland, NZ
Keg de Souza presents Weird Science Artbar, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Designated Drivers, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX, USA
Junction Arts Festival, Launceston, Tasmania
Nuit Blanche Festival, Metz, France
Gonflables et amuse-bouches, Darling Foundry, Montréal, Canada
Living Under The Stars, Commission for Urban Art Projects, Brisbane
When You Hear This Sound, 55 Sydenham Rd, Sydney
Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, New York, USA
Les HTMlles 10: Affaires A Risques, Studio XX, Montréal, Canada
Cosmology, The Edge Digital Culture Centre, Brisbane
Jon Rose’s Sound Circus,
Tour various locations, Outback NSW
Social Networking, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane
Art With Altitude Festival, Brisbane Airport, Brisbane
Sonic Protest Festival
, Paris, France
Kontact Sonores, Chalon sur Saône, France
Impetus Festival, Belfort, France
LÜFTEN, Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany
Primavera, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
City Stories and Global Cities, CasaAsia, Barcelona, Spain
TodaysArt Festival, Den Haag, The Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium
Trama, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves, Porto, Portugal 
, Performance Space, Sydney
Designated Drivers, The Block Museum of Contemporary Art, Evanston, Illinois, USA
Perambulators; Artist map: Commission for Performance Space, Sydney
Ramble Through The Rocks, Offsite: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
The Right To The City (SquatSpace), Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney
Emeraldtown: Gary, Indiana,
(You Are Here) Artspace, Sydney
ReMake Estate (You Are Here); Abandoned house and lot, Gary, Indiana, USA
You Are Here, Mess Hall, Chicago
Whatever Floats Your Boat, Cockatoo Island Studios to Balmain, Sydney Harbour
SquatFest - the Anti-TropFest Film Fest (SquatSpace); Annually since 2001, Various squatted venues, Sydney               
Cockatoo Island, Sydney
Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship Exhibition,
Artspace, Sydney
Australia Council for the Arts, Sydney
Local Brew,
(You Are Here) Open Fields Conference, Serial Space, Sydney
Redfern-Waterloo Tour of Beauty
(SquatSpace); Multiple tours since 2005, Various sites, Sydney
Last Drinks; FraserStudios, Sydney                 
Freedman Foundation Scholarship Exhibition,
COFASpace, Sydney
There Goes The Neighbourhood (You Are Here), Performance Space, Sydney
The Block, Rautenstruch-Joest-Museum, Cologne, Germany (permanent exhibition)
Terra Nullius: Contemporary Art from Australia, (SquatSpace) ACC, Weimar and Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany
Artrage & Northbridge Festivals; Various Venues, Perth
Cities Without Maps – Kota Tanpa Peta (You Are Here); Ratmakan Kampung, Kali Code and Mes56, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
LiveWorks (with Louise Curham), Performance Space, Sydney 
Concrete Culture (SquatSpace), Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney.
Esky, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne
Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship exhibition, Artspace, Sydney
Keep Going (SquatSpace), Hazelhurst Gallery, Sydney
The Private Lives of Ups and Downs, Kudos Gallery, Sydney
Freedman Foundation Scholarship Exhibition, COFASpace, Sydney
2016: An Archive Project, Mori Gallery, Sydney
Redfern Mapping Project (SquatSpace), Mori Gallery, Sydney
Multiplicity: Prints and Multiples (NUCA); Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney


Residencies, Grants and Awards
Asialink Residency, KUNCI Cultural Studies Centre, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (upcoming)     
The Public Domain
Residency, Delfina Foundation, London
ATLAS Arts Residency, Isle of Skye, Scotland
Visual Arts Travel Fund, Australia Council for the Arts
Australian Artist’s Grant, National Association for the Visual Arts
Australia-Indonesia Institute Grant, DFAT
Creative Australia Fellowship, Australia Council for the Arts
Vertical Villages Residency (with ruangrupa Artlab), 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney
'the churchie' Emerging Art Prize - Finalist
John Fries Memorial Art Prize - Finalist
Australian Artist’s Grant, National Association for the Visual Arts
Darling Foundry Residency, Montréal, Canada
Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant
Artist's Book Residency, Women's Studio Workshop, Rosendale, New York, USA
Quick Response Project Grant, ArtsNSW
Janet Holmes a Court Grant, National Association for the Visual Arts
Hopscotch Touring Initiative, Australia Council for the Arts
Australia-Indonesia Institute Residency (You Are Here), Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Inter-Arts Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
The Paper Mill Residency (Rizzeria), Sydney
Artspace Studio Residency, Sydney
Chicago Residency, Australia Council for the Arts
Campbelltown Arts Centre Residency (SquatSpace), Campbelltown
FLAG Residency, Bundanon Artists Trust
Cockatoo Island Studio Residency, Sydney
Frasers Studio Residency, Sydney
Inter-Arts Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
Asialink Residency; Indonesian Visual Art Archive, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Performance Space Residency, Redfern                 
RUN_WAY Grant, Australia Council for the Arts to work with Contra Filé, Sao Paulo, Brazil
City of Sydney Community Grants Scheme
Social Activism and the Arts, JBSeed Fund
Freedman Foundation Travelling Art Scholarship
Kickstart, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne
Community and Cultural Development Grant, City of Sydney
Skills and Arts Development Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
Marketing Grant, National Association for the Visual Arts


Publications/ Artist’s Books / Zines
Waiting for Gado, Anecdotes and snippets from Jakarta, Handbound stencil press
printed zine, Edition of 100
Ayahuasca-ing to go to Ecuador, Then I did, Anecdotes and snippets from Ecuador, Handbound stencil press
printed zine, Edition of 100
Life's Pretty Straight Without Twistees,
Anecdotes and snippets from Ecuador, Handbound stencil press
printed zine, Edition of 100
Gonflables et amuse-bouches,
Publication exploring food and it’s intersections with art, architecture, radical spaces and radical organising; Stencil press, rubber stamp and digital print, Edition of 160
A Hot Cup of Coughy, Anecdotes and snippets from Montréal, Handbound stencil press
printed zine, Edition of 100
Good Bad, Anecdotes and snippets from North America, Handbound stencil press printed zine, Edition of 100
When You Here This Sound, Silkscreen, Gold stamped, Drum leaf bind, Hand bound Artist's Book, Edition of 50, published by Women's Studio Workshop, NY
Ghosts of Indonesia, Glow In The Dark, Silkscreen, Hand bound, Artist's Book, Edition of 50.  
Look Like An Egyptian, Anecdotes and snippets from Egypt, Morrocco and Europe, Handbound stencil press printed zine, Edition of 129
Hati-Hati, Anecdotes and snippets from Indonesia, Handbound stencil press printed zine, Edition of 100
Honesty Is Still In Style, Anecdotes and snippets from USA, Mexico and Canada Handbound stencil press printed zine, Edition of 125
This is Brazil, Handbound Stencil Press Zine, edition of 150.
Flat Things In 3D, Stencil Press Printed, handbound Books, Edition of 50.
Local Brew (You Are Here), Stencil press printed, Edition of 200
Overheard in New Zealand; Stencil press zine, edition of 200.
Hello Mister. I love you; Stencil press zine, edition of 200.
There Goes The Neighbourhood (You Are Here) Reader for exhibition of same name, Edition of 500.
MCA Zine Fair Zine; Commission for Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Edition of 500.
Cities Without Maps - Kota Tanpa Peta, (You Are Here) Publication with video project of same name, edition of 500.
Culture and Other Shocks; Puns and musings with illustrations, hand bound zine, edition of 200.
Pardon The Pun; Puns, wordplay and illustrations, gold blocked, hand bound, hard cover book, edition of 40
You Say Geneva, I say Genova; Anecdotes and snippets from Europe and China, offset printed, hand bound book, edition of 145
Puns, Guns and Fortunes; Word play & illustrations, hand bound zine edition of 50
(white) magic is the new black; glow-in-the-dark screen-printed, hand bound book,
edition of 100
You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato; text, illustrations, hand bound book, edition of 50
Do The Right Thing; Word play on the theme trash, hand-bound accordion book
Shelve That Idea
; Snippets from a bookstore, hand-sewn zine
What’s The Story? Edition of 50 hand-bound hardcover books with CD soundtrack
The Cat’s Meow; Zine of cat puns
Reaow Reaow; Illustrated Story Zine
A Bedtime Zine; Flipbook animation
Reaow; text with Sound effects CD soundtrack, handmade book, edition of 65
Toast of the town; Toast Puns Zine
There’s Nothing Greater Than a Grater; Hand-Embroidered Zine


Other Projects
Weird Science Artbar, Guest artist curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
There Goes The Neighbourhood, (You Are Here), Performance Space, Redfern. Participating artists: Brenda L Croft (Australia), 16beaver (USA), Daniel Boyd (Australia), Temporary Services (USA), Lisa Kelly (Australia) SquatSpace (Australia), Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro (Germany/Australia), Evil Brothers (Australia), Michael Rakowitz (USA), You Are Here (Australia) Bijari (Brazil), Jakob Jakobson (Denmark), Miklos Erhadt and Little Warsaw (Hungary) and a re-enactment of Allan Kaprow's Push and Pull: A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hofmann (www.theregoestheneighbourhood.org)
Esky: Video Program
, Short film program featuring Australian video artists, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne.
If You See Something, Say Something, (You Are Here) a multi-venue exhibition, publishing and workshop project, Artists: Oliver Ressler (Austria), Dmitry Vilenksy (Russia), Taring Padi (Indonesia), Contra File (Brazil), Grupo Etcetera (Argentina), Richard DeDomenici (UK), Hito Steyerl (Germany), Arlene Texta Queen, Daniel Boyd, David Griggs, pvi collective and Squatspace (Australia) at Mori Gallery, Gallery 4a, Chrissie Cotter Gallery and a temporary squatted venue.
NUCA Shipping Container Project
; Next Wave Festival, Melbourne
Establishment of NUCA: The Network of Un-Collectable Artists
and production of Australia’s 50 Most Un-Collectable Artists Bubble-gum Collector Cards; Next Wave Festival, Melbourne


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